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Active adventures in South Africa

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South Africa is an endless outdoor playground. From skydiving to walking safaris, hot air ballooning to windsurfing, treetop zip lining to river rafting – there’s no shortage of raw adventures and adrenaline-pumping moments. So, what will it be for you in SA?

Kayak along the Storms River in Tsitsikamma National Park. A two-hour kayaking trip explores the waters with bottomless pools, deep caves and ancient forests with nothing but the quiet noises of nature around you.

Cycle between Franschhoek’s wineries with stunning scenery, little used roads, picnics and wine tastings at estates along the way. Now that is an appetising way to see South Africa from up close.

Image credit – Taj Chia Kutir Resort and Spa

If it’s Africa it has to be about wildlife. Track rhino on foot in Kruger National Park. With no engine running, your senses become finely attuned to the sounds of the bush, from the call of a bird to the rustle of a tree.Enjoy coastal activities along the Cape Peninsula. Go hiking, a spot of paddle boarding, some surfing, lots of beach lazing…you get the drift, don’t you?As usual, there’s more that we have for which you need to get in touch.

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