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Our Services

Our services

We have been able to delight our customers and exceed expectations, be it a FIT couple, family, solo traveller, small group or special interest trip, or even a large incentive group.


Tailor-made trips

We handcraft holidays that are tailored to the unique requirements of travellers. From choosing the destination to picking the experiences, we provide the best recommendation to make your client’s dream vacation come true.


Special interests tours

No matter what interest group your clients are, we can put together an itinerary that perfectly suits their interests, ranging from a photography tour, a luxury expedition, a trip around a big festival, or a culture & conservation tour.


Exclusive experiences

Travelling with Lighthouse means travelling differently! Enjoy experiences that are less mundane and more unique, setting our tours apart from the rest.

Our travel style

Solo travel

Solo journeys are always special for discovering unconventional experiences. Our team specialises in planning the best adventures for intrepid solo travellers.

Family travel

From kids to adults to senior citizens, family holidays comprise matching interests of all ages. We design itineraries that perfectly ensure a cheerful time for every family member.

Small exclusive groups

Keeping the spirit of personalisation, we organise small group experiences focused on creating out-of-the-ordinary journeys.

Educational trips

Travel is the greatest teacher, and we at Lighthouse implement this ideology by curating educational trips to destinations that offer much more than just sightseeing.

Luxury cruises

Whether planning journeys on the land or in the water, we never settle for the ordinary! Our cruise trips in the Indian subcontinent are designed with utmost comfort and a touch of luxury for travellers to explore places with different tastes.

Photography tours

Visiting places is incomplete without capturing the moments in the cameras. Our photography tours are tailored to encourage aspiring photographers to live their passion through the art of travel.

Our experiences

Enjoy the adventures, relive their histories, soak in their philosophies and experience the destinations in the real form. Because travel is not just about places, it is about the experience. And, it doesn’t get better than the creative recipes we make for your journey.

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