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It’s time for a cruise. Well, a cruise like no other. In scale or grandeur. With a hundred exhilarating new ways to have a blast together, a family cruise takes on a new meaning.

The Quantum of the Seas cruise ship is a new leap forward in vessel design with groundbreaking innovations like the first skydiving experience at sea. And, a jewel-shaped, glass capsule with a spectacular ocean view.

Accommodation aboard the Quantum of the Seas is spectacular. You have virtual balconies that span nearly floor to ceiling and capture all the beauty of the sea in a way never done before. Use three different category staterooms uniquely connected through a vestibule to form a special layout that provides separate bedrooms and bathrooms for multi-generational families.

Enjoy the Quantum cruise experience in a 3 Nights Tour of Malaysia Cruise. The cruise starts from Singapore on June 12, 2015 and ends there after stopping at Port Klang in Malaysia.

Image credit – Taj Chia Kutir Resort and Spa

If you have the time, the 9 Nights Exotic Asia Cruise covers Singapore, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Xiamen and Shanghai.Prices start from USD 899 per person per night. Service tax is extra, of course.For more details or booking, just get in touch with Lighthouse on (0) 9818905024 or email Your Quantum experience begins with us before it gets on the high seas!get in touch with Lighthouse.

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