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Go East is a series from Lighthouse on countries east of India. Forget Europe, forget Australia, forget Morrocco. Miss South Africa, drop the trip to the US, keep New Zealand waiting.

Start with a trip to the Land of the Thunder Dragon. Bhutan is no ordinary country. It is deeply in the past and catching up with the present. In Bhutan chillies are considered a vegetable and not just seasoning! Read more>

Way back in 1898, Rudyard Kipling said this about Burma (as Myanmar was then called):”This is Burma and it is unlike any land you know about.” It holds true even today. Read more>

What does Thailand mean to you beyond Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket, Chiang Mai and Koh Samui? We give you food for thought for your next trip to this wonderful country. Read more>

Image credit – Taj Chia Kutir Resort and Spa

This brings us to Laos, a country east of Thailand, north of Cambodia and west of Vietnam. Now that you know where it is, time to start packing your bags. Read more>

There is more to Cambodia than the Angkor Wat. There is a lot to discover and a lot to do. Head to Cambodia. Only then will you truly be able to say, “Been there, done that.” Read more>

There’s more to come, but for now do get in touch with us to Go East. Because, with Lighthouse you travel a different world.
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You are now thinking, “Fun and interesting is fine, but how are these folks different?” Well, difference is just what it means: a different take on a destination, a different holiday idea, a different hotel suggestion, a different way around.
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