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About the experience

Wildlife lovers, birders and thrill seekers cannot miss a trip to the Jaagir Lodge, Dudhwa. Opening in December 2017, the lodge is a mixture of ultra-luxurious rooms in a newly renovated colonial-era building. But hurry, because the lodge is open only till 15 June 2018.

Perhaps the greatest thing about the Jaagir Lodge, Dudhwa – not super-luxurious rooms, personalised butler service, or award-winning chefs – no, what really counts in Dudhwa is the location, surrounded by national parks, bursting with India’s most vibrant wildlife. The Lodge is the perfect base for an exploration of:
•     Dudhwa National Park including the birds of Dudhwa
•     Tiger Haven and the legacy of Dudhwa National Park
•     Pilibhit Tiger Reserve
•     The life of the Tharu tribe
•     The Frog Temple of Oel
•     Sharada River – A birdwatcher’s paradise

Within a few minutes of the lodge, you can see tigers, rhinoceroses, jackals, civets, fishing cats, leopards, nearly 500 bird species and numerous species of deer, many of them endangered.
Ultra-luxurious accommodation options include luxury rooms in the main building of the lodge, which dates back to the 1940s. Or, thatched-roofed luxury villas that are ideal for families seeking a more personalised holiday experience.

At the Jaagir Lodge you get a complete safari experience with gorgeous settings and wonderfully crafted menus. A perfect amalgamation of global cuisine as well as time-tested home recipes.

The highlights of a trip to the Lodge include:
•     Fully guided safaris with trained naturalists
•     Guided walks and exciting excursions
•     Photography lessons
•     Star-gazing workshops
•     Live interactive culinary classes
•     Yoga and wellness

How to reach the Jaagir Lodge, Dudhwa:

By Air – The nearest airport is at Lucknow, 236 km/4 ½ hours approximately by road.

By Road – From New Delhi, 476 km/8 hrs approximately.

Do not wait, book your wildlife break today. Just email with your contact details. Or, call Ravi Sharma on +91 9810140850.

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