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ION Luxury Adventure Hotel, Iceland

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Want the perfect base to explore the natural wonders of Iceland? You have it in ION Adventure Hotel in Nesjavellir.

Starting out as an inn for workers at the Nesjavellir Geothermal Power Plant, ION is today a chic retreat. And, its concrete and black lava exterior successfully merges with the volcanic landscape, creating a subdued mood of integration, not interruption.

ION is located in the south-west Nesjavellir by Lake Thingvellir, and sits on Route 1 — Iceland’s ring road — connecting it to Reykjavik, around 40 km west.

The hotel is perched on the slopes of Mount Hengill, an active volcano, which provides guests with ample hiking opportunities and a plethora of hot springs to explore.

The unique landscape has plenty more to offer, including ice climbing, stargazing, glacier walks, bird-watching and diving.
In ION’s 45 rooms, you can expect a mellow mix of concrete chic and earthy ambiance, combined with the warm accents of locally salvaged driftwood and lava. After all, the hotel takes pride in its offering of eco-conscious luxury.

Image credit – Taj Chia Kutir Resort and Spa

The Silfra Restaurant & Bar has large windows along the walls for dramatic views, while other walls display images of native fish: a reminder of the direct link between place and plate.

In the Northern Lights Bar, mammoth floor-to-ceiling windows open the double height space to the night sky and the spectacle of the Northern Lights during winter.

And, the partially exposed Lava Spa ensures a wonderful Icelandic experience before you even step a foot outside.

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