Light House

Luxury meets treehouse in West Virginia

About the experience

Set to open in late 2021, the eco-friendly luxury treehouses in the mountains of West Virginia, USA promise to be quite something else.

Designed by Peter Pichler, who has made treehouse design into a speciality of sorts, these treehouses promise to be as breathtaking as the surrounding environment. Spread across a hundred acres of verdant mountainside, these treehouses will overlook an idyllic Dawson Lake as well as the surrounding mountainscape.

Each treehouse will offer a spacious twin-storey layout with the lower level as living space with a lounge and a reading corner and the upper level for sleeping with a bedroom and a bathroom.

Image credit – Peter Pichler Architecture

Of course, the resort will have a community set up with a events centre, a food hub, health and wellness offerings, spaces for the arts – visual and performing, and educational area to help guests reconnect with the surrounding nature.So, come 2021 and get ready for some time among treetops and experience time more consciously.In a luxury treehouse eco-resort in the USA.

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