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Safari does not mean only Africa

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If you believe that wildlife safaris can be done only in Africa then we have news for you. You can go on a wildlife safari in Asia, Australia and the Americas! Here’s how…

Sumatra, in Indonesia, is home to the orangutans and Gunung Leuser National Park is where you’ll find them. You stay at Bukit Lawang, cross the Bohorok river by boat and trek up to the feeding platform where the orangutans feed daily at 10 am. The trek through the luscious rain forest also brings you close to macaques, gibbons, langurs and, of course, more orangutans.

Tracking a grizzly in Alaska is an experience you’ll remember all your life. Plus, there’s moose, sea otters and wolves too! Fly high above the spectacular Wrangell Mountains. Drive the full length of the spectacular Denali Highway. Cruise to view some of Alaska’s iconic coastal scenery. Strap on crampons for an unforgettable walk on a glacier. Alaska has a lot to offer. Really, a lot!

Image credit – Bukit Lawang

Closer home is Yala National Park in Sri Lanka. The park has one of the highest leopard population densities in the world and turtles and crocodiles, even flying snakes and elegant fan-throated lizards. Other nearby attractions include the Great and Little Basses reefs, where you can see blue and humpback whales and dolphins too.So, get ready for a wildlife safari like no other. Not in Africa, in any case. Just get in touch and start your safari shopping!

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