Light House

Sleep Under the Northern Lights

About the experience

No, not in a hotel. We’re talking of a sled, a heated one, towed into the wilderness by snowmobile for unrivalled views of the Northern Lights in Finland. You are 3.5 km from human habitation, within the Arctic Circle. In fact, very close to the tip of Scandinavia where Finland, Norway and Sweden meet.

An expert guide accompanies you to bring you up to speed with the science behind the lights and throw in some interesting nuggets of local information and myths.

And, once you’ve been served some hot beverages and eats, the guide returns leaving you with sleeping bags and a breakfast hamper. You do get beanbags to sit on while you gaze at the performance in the skies and a portable heater keeps you warm through your stay. Understandably, light and heating are through battery packs.

Large windows in the rear and ceiling let you take in the scenery in comfort. It sure is a unique experience, away from any light pollution, enjoying the wilderness of the Artic Tundra.

Image credit – Taj Chia Kutir Resort and Spa

The sled accommodates two sleeping overnight or, for the less adventurous, up to four people for an evening excursion.You do get a local mobile phone for any emergency and there is a hut with basic bathroom facilities close by.So, all you have to do is cuddle up and look out at the show that the Northern Lights put up for you.

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