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Get ready for World Cruise 2019. Discover, or re-discover, the beauty of Indonesia, the extremes of Japan and China and the subcultures of Africa. These is always something new to experience, something new to find. The coasts of Australia, the treasures of the Indian Ocean, the untamed splendour of the wildernesses of Kenya, Tanzania and Madagascar. From the golden gates of San Francisco to the iconic chimes of Big Ben. Do the entire 132-day exceptional sailing touching 52 captivating ports, 31 exceptional countries and 17 overnights, your greatest journey to date. Or, take in a leg or two and come back with a bagful of tales to last a lifetime.

Image credit – Taj Chia Kutir Resort and Spa

While on board you have the amenities of a grand resort and the charms of a stylish boutique hotel. Enjoy world-class accommodations, shipboard conviviality and warm, individualised service, paired with the enhanced spaces and amenities of a larger ship. Revel in the pampering of a wellness spa, shop the hottest trends from top designers at shipboard boutiques and enjoy evenings in the show lounge.Design your own schedule. Or no schedule at all. For details just contact Lighthouse.

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You are now thinking, “Fun and interesting is fine, but how are these folks different?” Well, difference is just what it means: a different take on a destination, a different holiday idea, a different hotel suggestion, a different way around.
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