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There’s More to Romania than Count Dracula

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Many know and go to Romania because of Bram Stoker’s Dracula story. Almost all travellers want to visit Bran Castle, the castle referred to as Dracula’s Castle as well. Some want to visit, others just to drive by. But, as usual, there’s more!

So what else can you do in Romania? Just about anything you’d like. You can go walking, hiking, horse back riding, biking, even sit on top of a hay stack in a cart pulled by horses. Maybe you like adventures. If you do, how about climbing in the Carpathians, or diving in underground rivers inside caves?

Perhaps culture and history are more your thing. Romania has a wealth of museums, galleries, fortresses, castles, churches, sometimes even whole villages will enrich your knowledge of Romania.
And, Romania is great for going out eating, dancing, music festivals, go-karting, golfing or anything else you can think of.

Image credit – Taj Chia Kutir Resort and Spa

This summer, take the road less travelled. For an activity-filled holiday, choose Romania. For a foodie holiday, go to Romania. For a family trip, choose Romania. For a ‘discover nature’ sojourn, turn to Romania. For a dose of culture, consider Romania.And, for going to Romania, get in touch with Lighthouse. It’s that simple!

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