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Why not ditch normal transport?

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The next time you travel, think about your mode of transport. In fact, go slow, we say at Lighthouse.

Why not choose a leisurely hot air balloon ride over the Cappadoccia landscape in Turkey? Float over the Fairy Chimneys at sunrise for a truly unforgettable, magical experience.

Hop on to a Vespa in Italy and do a city tour of Rome or Naples. Feel more adventurous? Travel around Tuscany, the Vespa,s birthplace, on one! You can do it as the pillion, too.

How about a barge and bike tour in Holland, Belgium & France? Travel by barge – it is your hotel, restaurant and baggage carrier – and explore by bike (of the pedal kind). Or, stay put in the barge and take it all even slower!

Image credit – Taj Chia Kutir Resort and Spa

Staying in Belgium, you can catch the Coast Tram (De Kusttram) to see the cities and towns along the entire West Flanders coast. Start at De Panne near the French border and end at Knokke-Heist, covering Ostend and Zeebrugge along the way. Slow, we said and at a maximum speed of 78km per hour, the tram may be the fastest that we give you!Love dogs? Do not miss a dog sled trip in Alaska. You can do it in summer too only they use wheeled sleds since there’s no snow.If you think you are brave, jump into a totora reed boat in Lake Titicaca, Peru and go back a long way in history.So, beat the rush and travel slow. Let Lighthouse do the arrangements and show you how.

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You are now thinking, “Fun and interesting is fine, but how are these folks different?” Well, difference is just what it means: a different take on a destination, a different holiday idea, a different hotel suggestion, a different way around.
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