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Are you ready for the World Cup?

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Even though the draw for the 2018 Football World Cup will be held in December this year but tickets are available now.

Just the right time not only to start planning for the matches but  throw in some Russian sightseeing as well with matches spread across the entire country. For starters, this is the perfect excuse to discover the wonders of St. Petersburg, the old, imperial capital.

Or, Kaliningrad which is not actually a part of mainland Russia but is in an exclave between Poland and Lithuania!

Travel to Volgograd which is the site of one of the best-known and important battles of World War II if you’re a WWII buff.

Choose Yekaterinburg and, once the matches are over, make it your base to explore the Ural mountains. Remember them from your geography lessons in school? They separate Asia from Europe.

Want to stay close to a beach? Then Sochi it is for you, on the Black Sea coast. With its mountainous coastline and endless shingle beaches, the city is the unofficial summer capital of Russia.So, get planning for the 2018 Football World Cup in Russia next year. We’ll get your match tickets done and organise the rest as well.Just give us a buzz to get us going!

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