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Hot & cold go together in Iceland

About the experience

From boiling mud pools to glaciers, spurting geysers to waterfalls, Iceland has it all. And, if you want some more there is the aurora borealis – the Northern Lights – though only during the winter.

Go whale watching, seal watching, bird watching or hiking. Tour a glacier on snowmobiles or super-jeep, an unforgettable experience whatever the season. Enjoy thrills and spills in swirling glacial waters when kayaking on inland waterways, gentle
bays or wild shores.

Witness the battle between ice and fire that still rages within the boundaries of Vatnajökull National Park, the largest in Europe.

Discover the mystery and romance of Snæfellsjökull National Park located at the foot of a volcano and glacier.Play golf with the sun shining at midnight. Partake of Icelandic cuisine with a focus on freshness. Then there is international entertainment, mind boggling shopping and festivities from all around the world. So, do it differently and we’ll show you how, in Iceland.

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You are now thinking, “Fun and interesting is fine, but how are these folks different?” Well, difference is just what it means: a different take on a destination, a different holiday idea, a different hotel suggestion, a different way around.
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