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Jumping off is always a lot of fun!

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Looking for the next thrill? Try jumping out of a plane on a tandem skydive. No previous experience is required as you are securely attached to an instructor who guides you through the whole experience. And, you can do it in whichever continent you are visiting next. Want to know more? Here goes…

Dubai offers a skydiving experience over the Palm Jumeirah Island. Freefalling over the iconic development takes excitement to a whole new height!

Forget the EBC trek and skydive with the back drop of Mt. Everest in Nepal. Landing at Amadablam Basecamp (15,000ft) is quite different from climbing up!

Choose Florida for the overhead views of the Florida reef, Key West and, once your parachute opens, keep an eye out for dolphins and other wildlife below.Skydiving in Cape Town means incredible views of Table Mountain and Robben Island are quite normal, giving you a wholly new perspective on the city’s sights.You can enjoy the landscape of Switzerland, a sunset in Spain, a lake view in New Zealand, all on the way down by parachute. And, to get up there, you need to start by contacting us.

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You are now thinking, “Fun and interesting is fine, but how are these folks different?” Well, difference is just what it means: a different take on a destination, a different holiday idea, a different hotel suggestion, a different way around.
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