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The New York, London and the Boston Marathons…if you haven’t done them yet, tick them off the list and move to the next level. There are some interesting runs waiting to be experienced across the world. Here are but four of them.

Go authentic at the Athens Authentic Marathon. It starts from Marathon (the authentic bit) and ends at a stadium in the centre of Athens. True blue running in November 2016.

Serious about running? The Polar Circle Marathon is a tough, unique marathon in truly magnificent scenery in Greenland. Runners pass glacier tongues, moraine landscapes in an arctic desert. Coming up in October 2016.

Combine your love of music and running at the Reggae Run in Jamaica. Probably the world’s liveliest, this run is all about the music, with steel bands and DJs playing along the route. December 2016 is when the action happens. Wine lovers have the Marathon du Medoc which takes runners through Bordeaux’s vineyards and châteaux. Sample the region’s wines en route as well as haute cuisine snacks. This is France, after all, and your date is in September 2016. Want more run options? Let us know what you fancy.

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