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The Serengeti on horseback

About the experience

For equestrian enthusiasts, there must be no more thrilling adventure than experiencing the great wildebeest migration on horseback.

This year’s event is now in full swing and the stables at Singita Sasakwa Lodge are ready with the horses for daily outrides to witness the influx of animals.

These rides are completely tailored to the riders’ needs and skill level, usually lasting several hours. In addition to the herds of plains game, it is not uncommon to spot giraffe, eland, buffalo, zebra and elephant on these rides. Moving on horseback allows riders to penetrate herds of zebra and giraffe, travelling among them as if part of the group.

The pace of daily rides is moderate with the opportunity for faster paced canters in places, and a choice of English, Western or South African trail saddles. The magnificent selection of horses, mainly comprising Thoroughbreds and Boerperds from South Africa, have been carefully selected for their temperament, and range between 15.1 and 16.3 hands in height.

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